100 x ‘Ristretto’ Caffe Bonini Nespresso Compatible Capsules


100 x ‘Ristretto’ Caffe Bonini Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

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100 x Ristretto Caffe Bonini Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules 
This mix is dedicated to all lovers of Italian coffee. Strong aroma, good body and a lingering aftertaste are guaranteed by the process of slow roasting and separate the grains. Notes of bitter chocolate resonate nicely between the nose and palate…


Italian Coffee company Bonini have created a coffee that customers can trust. In Italy and abroad, more and more people are choosing Bonini as their day to day coffee.

The secret to their high quality is in the beans, with exclusive crops of some of the world’s best Arabic and Robusta coffee beans. Arabic beans are sweet and fragrant, while Robusta are more substantial and bold. At the end of extraction and roasting, their specialists select only the best beans to move forward to the most important stage: the blend.

Bonini’s blends are the result of ancient recipes handed down by generations of master rosters, then improved with care by their coffee Sommeliers to ensure maximum flavour and quality. Bonini’s intent is without any doubt, to offer it’s customer moments of pleasure through a coffee that never fails.


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